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Break free from karmic patterns so you can achieve
the impact and income you truly desire.  


Katja Rusanen, Founder of Karma Cleanse

Attention Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs!

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Accelerate Your Impact and Income in 90 Days

If you're like a lot of the spiritual entrepreneurs I work with, you may also be:

  • Ashamed to admit that you’re hiding out and playing small, doing ‘behind the scenes’ work instead of taking center stage and really sharing your gifts
  • So full of self-doubt that you never do anything to promote yourself
  • Tired from working so hard and never feeling like you’re doing enough or have enough money
  • Frustrated that you’re not having the impact you truly desire

I’m here to tell you there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not alone. These are all signs that you’re ready to break free from the old patterns (and karma) that keep you stuck and spinning your wheels, never quite creating the business and the life you dream of.

The good news is, I can help you. Imagine instead…

  • Feeling excited and empowered to claim center stage and own YOUR spotlight
  • Confidently promoting your services and inviting people into your programs with ease
  • Energized by your business and know you’re doing enough and have more than enough
  • Excited that you are finally having the impact you desire

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what I will show you how to create in my program; Accelerate Your Impact and Income in 90 Days. You no longer have to struggle with trying to figure this out on your own. Let me show you how to fast track your success.

Here’s what’s included in the Accelerate Your Impact and Income in 90 Days program:

  • 9 One-hour Private Coaching Calls
    • Break free from old, limiting karmic patterns
    • Align with your higher purpose
    • Walk away from each session with clear, tangible action steps
    • Accelerate your growth both personally and professionally
  • Email Support  
    • Have personal access to Katja in between sessions to stay in action, on track, inspired and accountable
    • Get your biggest questions answered and ideas encouraged
    • Receive the support you need, when you need it


  • “Be The Star Of Your Life” Half VIP Day comes with 4 hours of 1:1 coaching (Valued @ $1200)
    • Gain clarity about your niche, goals and direction
    • Create your impact and income acceleration plan
    • Receive a Soul’s Plan Reading that aligns you with your true life purpose
    • Break through Limiting Beliefs and Karma that stand in your way of success
    • Unleash your greatest potential
    • Feel ready to confidently shine your Light and share your gifts
  • 3 Energetic Support Sessions (Value: PRICELESS)
    • Head into your next big meeting, presentation or other important event with increased confidence and calm knowing I’m energetically supporting you from afar
    • Experience optimal performance and impact
  • 12 Light Meditations (Valued @ $320)
    • Increase your energy, inspiration and empowerment
    • Each meditation focuses on different themes, and work to cleanse your karma and bring even more Light into your life
    • Although short (5-10 minutes each) they are potent and can be listened to again and again for optimal results
  • Celebration Call (30 Minutes) (Valued @ $200)
    • Acknowledge all that you’ve healed and created so that you fuel your next round of expansion
    • Get your questions answered and next steps planned
    • Celebrate your success and the increased impact you’re having in the world!

This is not just another "get-rich-in-90-days"-program. Instead, this program invites you to increase your spiritual awareness and shift your mindsets in a way that pays off in every area of your life. As a 90 day program, it’s designed to jump start you on the path to creating the business, life and future you desire. Get ready to experience success beyond imagination.


Please fill out this application ONLY if you are serious about accelerating your business growth, ready to receive guidance and are willing to invest in your success:

See what my clients are saying about achieving success beyond imagination:

"Katja is a wellspring of compassion, knowledge and intuition. Her gentle yet powerful way of being creates a beautiful space in which true work is accomplished in resolving unwanted patterns and in finding freedom on the other side. During our Karma Cleanse, Katja helped me resolve and move beyond conditioning and into an expanse where I found more of my own self-worth and the freedom to let go of many stories that no longer served. I detoxed long stored emotions. Katja is a gifted healer and so kind in her care of others. She intuitively knows where to guide and has the training and skills to take you there! The Karma Cleanse journey is truly for everyone. Katja has created a remarkable program and, combined with her exquisite talents, will bring you a greater sense of inner peace, well-being, clarity and consciousness!" -Clarissa C, June 2017

Karma Cleanse Testimonial
Breakthrough Karmic Patterns and Succeed On Purpose

"My session with Katja was very relaxed and open. I have had the same issue spanning many years but Katja allowed me to not only delve deeper into the main causes behind what has been holding me back and causing me to cast doubt upon my own abilities but she was catalyst for me to view these experiences from an entirely different perspective thus allowing me to find a new and far more positive solution to making the much needed changes required. Thank You Katja!" -Lynne S,  August 2016.

"Had a Karmic Pattern clearing session today with Katja Rusanen and it was truly amazing. At first I was a little nervous but her energy was very loving and welcoming which allowed me to be comfortable, the session opened my eyes to the part I was playing in the Karmic Pattern's that I had been experiencing, I left the session with clarity, confidence, and a desire to move forward, knowing that if I accept my current situation as part of my learning experience that I will certainly reach my destination, Katja truly has a gift and I recommend that if you have any Karmic Patterns that need clearing or just needing help to identify them she is your expert and great at serving your needs!! Thanks again Katja!" -Brittany B, August 2016